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Can you handle the pressure?

Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk II Pro.

There are two kinds of divers watches. Watches that are offered by the regular jeweler are safe to wear under the shower, at the beach, and possibly in the swimming pool.

A watch in a completely different league is the Sea Hawk II Pro by Girard – Perregaux, a Swiss company where people still make watches as opposed to producing. This unrivaled watchmaker excels since 1791. This top model in long line of divers watches is inspired by extreme maritime challenges. The dial indicates that the maximum dive depth is not 50, not 100 or 200 meters, but 3000 meters. That’s right: three thousand meters.

Of course, no one will ever go this deep. But it’s nice to know that Girard Perregaux are able to build a watch that can handle the pressure. The watch case is made of titanium for maximum strength combined with a comfortable weight. The dial is covered by top quality sapphire crystal. The sealed back shows the characteristic Sea Hawk emblem.

Two helium valves regulate the pressure when diving. The mechanicle heart excels in accuracy, while the power reserve indicator lets you know when the watch runs low on energy even if that would only happen after 7 days. The stylish design makes this watch an eye-catcher.

According to experts , this is the ultimate divers watch. New, this luxury watch is only for the happy few. This particular one we offer is used, but complete with wooden box and all the paperwork. If you are looking for a watch that will never let you down, the Girard- Perregaux Sea Hawk II Pro is your first choice, even if you are the second owner.


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