Team Judge Global

Judge Global AG: happiness lies in big things

The initiator of Judge Global is a successful Amsterdam entrepreneur with over 25 years’ intensive experience. Considering that the time is ripe to crystallise the experiences that he has gained over those 25 years in the form of a vehicle that can put more wind in the sails of other companies. With this in mind, Judge Global has gathered a well-balanced team of expert professionals around him. This team goes under the name of Judge Global AG.

Judge Global operates in a way that reflects the ideas of the team and adds to these its own individual qualities.

The way that Judge Global works can be easily summed up in a few keywords: freedom, relaxed, creative, purified, the good life, enthusiastic, successful, ambitious, straightforward, transparent, inspiring.

A fresh shot of vitamins
Judge Global understands the art of linking together people from an ever-increasing network in such a way that everyone’s individual network is enriched. In this way, existing networks are constantly given a fresh shot of vitamins.

Judge Global has the expertise that allows it to intuitively feel which people in which disciplines can raise each other to even greater heights. Which means that the final result will always be a PLUS. Everyone can benefit from this PLUS in their own particular area. The motto is ‘share and multiply’.

Our objective is that the client significantly benefit from every transaction in which Judge Global is involved. We want to help others towards top deals or help them to create top deals. All of this combined with al lot of goodwill. Tailor-made advice from Judge Global will lead to the winning formula.

Seal of approval
In all of this, Judge Global works extremely selectively. If a product or service does not satisfy our high requirements, we simply say NO. Because we want to be regarded as a seal of approval. Judge Global has set the bar high.

A total package
Judge Global is more than just an intermediary. Judge Global also takes over the negotiations (including advice on a realistic asking price or realistic bid) for any item offered via Judge Global.

As well as that, Judge Global looks after invoicing, tax and transport. For example, if a yacht bought through our website is lying in Ibiza, Judge Global can arrange a top-class weekend in Ibiza for the buyer. After all, happiness lies in big things.