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Ibiza 2017

It’s time to make arrangements for this years’ summer holiday. Where to go? What to do? Let us show you. With our well developed network we can bring you to the most beautiful and popular places on this Balearic Island.

Resorts & Clubs

The Destino Resort reopened its doors in the summer of 2014 making it one of Pacha’s latest success stories. It’s a great place to spend your day by the pool enjoying great food, drinks and live music.

Pacha Group exploits several other successful venues, one of them is Club Lio. Where lots of
A-List celebrities enjoy their famous dinner-show and experience an ambiance like no other.

Of course the world famous Hardrock Hotel and Café have claimed a spectacular hotspot on this dream island. Let’s not forget the iconic Ushuaia Tower Hotel & Club.

One of Judge Globals favourite beach clubs is the Cala Bassa Beach Club. The service is fantastic, your glass of Cava Sangria will never run dry. Their Sangria recipe is a well-kept secret that the competitors often copied but never equalled.

Do you want to spend your day at a high end beach club? Judge Global recommends the Blue Marlin. Relaxing in the sun all day, enjoying the exquisite food and drinks, and when the sun goes down the music goes up. Clubbing ‘till closing time…

Located right next to Blue Marlin there is Tropicana Beach Club. Also know for its high standards and excellent service. Tropicana is located at one of the most beautiful bays of Eivissa, a perfect place to spend a relaxing day with friends and family by the beach.


The Harbour Club Ibiza is a known highlight on the island. Wining and dining on the banks of Talamanca Beach. Fresh seafood, sushi, sashimi, and of course the famous Black Angus steak.

The Cami de Balafia restaurant is most famous for their mouthwatering carnivore menu. All the meats are carefully prepared for you, weather it’s chicken, pork of beef. The outside hacienda terrace is covered by orange trees.

Villas & Appartments

Do you prefer a luxury appartment over a hotel? Let us suggest Casa Munich for your Ibiza bucketlist. These luxury appartments, created in 400 year old fincas and preserving the Ibiza style, are perfect for the whole family.

Judge Global frequently visits Ibiza during the summertime and because of this we have built great contacts with some of the best local realtors to make sure you and your family can relax in the best private villas. One of our favourite realtors is Ibiza Rural Villas.

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