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Simon Motorsport, Dubai

Here at GBLLifestyle we are spoiled rotten with beautiful supercars and drives. Once in a while we are invited to have a look at some pretty special ones. The company we appreciate for being one of the best is Simon Motorsport in Dubai. They are the pinnacle of exotic car-tuning.

Simon Motorsport
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Simon Motorsport is an exclusive, German, luxury and exotic car-tuning company that modifies high-end vehicles to improve overall performance and appearance. The themselves selected a broad range of product suppliers to give their customers the best tuning products available in the market worldwide.

Simon Motorsport was founded in 2014 by two European entrepreneurs. Co-owner and Managing Director, Franz Simon has been working in the exclusive car tuning market for many years.

Franz and his experienced, business partner and co-owner Frank Denker have joined forces to bring the best possible range of local and international tuning products to Dubai. Dubai is the main market in the world for High end supercars and modifications. Nowhere else in the world the density of supercars is as high as in Dubai.

Simon Motorsport and her team of professionals is dedicated to bring you reliable products that will take your car to a new level of enjoyment. The main focus lies on German made car brands, like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, but with similar passion we tune Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Bugatti and more.

Photo courtesy of James Davison
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New Concept
Sure, they can remap your car’s ECU for better performance, but Simon Motorsport brings a new concept to Dubai. They are a “one stop shop”. Simon Motorsport will tune the engine, install wheels, suspension, brakes, but also high quality body kits, carbon fiber exterior parts, high end exhaust systems, wrapping and complete car conversions, all at the same place. So, don’t visit three or four shops to create the car you really want. Simon Motorsport does it all in one place for you.

On request of the customer they have even extra service: they send you pictures of your car while all the work is carried out, so you can follow the progress straight from your smart phone.
Simonmotorsport is also on Facebook and Instagram. Just follow them for the greatest car conversions, performance and appearance improvements on supercars.


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