Judge Global AG: the indispensable guide to success in business

Share and Multiply

Headquartered in Switzerland, Judge Global is an online provider of lifestyle products (GBL Lifestyle) and business services (GBL Business).

GBL Lifestyle focuses on:
· exclusive cars
· luxury holidays
· unique residential locations
· yachts
· watches
· diamonds
· antiques

GBL Business focuses on:
· online and offline marketing
· investments (real estate and diamonds)
· knowledge networks
· consultancy
· communication strategies
· wholesale trade

To conquer the world, Judge Global has a unique online and offline marketing strategy, conceived and implemented by its own dream team (consisting of an e-mail marketing strategist, website builder, copywriter, legal expert and a tax expert with an extensive knowledge of international tax law).

This dream team can also be hired by clients of Judge Global.

Clients can use Judge Global’s own global network. In fact, the basic philosophy of Judge Global is ‘Share and Multiply’. Together with the cross-fertilisation between Lifestyle and Business initiated by Judge Global, this provides a dynamic network that is constantly updated.

In combination with the knowledge and expertise accumulated by Judge Global over the years, this ensures that our clients are propelled towards success.

Important to know: Judge Global handles all of her clients with the utmost discretion.